Life without internet is impossible

For those in search of other lifeforms on other planets... I've got a wonderful idea! Instead of searching for carbon and hydrogen and oxygen as the "building blocks of life", why not just search for a wifi signal? I mean, I've pretty much proved that fact in the last week that life without internet is highly improbably and most likely impossible. One week without internet and my email accounts had way too many unread messages, my friends couldn't find me, and I had no clue what was going on in the world outside of work. It was truly a freaky week in my life -- but now that I've got my cable installed and blazingly fast internet... I feel so much safer.

Anyway, so since my last post, I've pretty much packed up all my stuff in my old apartment, moved to my new apartment, and unpacked. I'm 95% unpacked, except for a few boxes that will have to stay where they are until my new computer is built... and they'll just probably stay in a corner since I've run out of space to store my boxes.


Here's my "bedroom" pretty much has it was back in my old place. On the floor you can see my new case, an Antec Solo, which just got shipped to me today. I usually don't leave things in their box for very long once I receive them, but since I'm still waiting for a couple of parts for my new computer... No point in busting it out of the box now.

Living room

My living room... Look on my desk... There's my 10.6" laptop... AND THEN THERE'S MY NEW 24" Dell 2407 monitor! Seriously, it looks so ridiculous when compared to the size of my laptop ;) The lamp is in the middle of the room because... I need to move the couch a bit to put the lamp between the desk and the couch... But since there are still boxes in the way, I'll leave that until later. On the coffee table are the parts for my new computer. Everything is in that pile except for a hard drive and dvd drive which I plan to receive on Monday.


Last but not least is the kitchen. It's pretty no frills... But has everything I'll need (except for adequate cupboard space). The only thing that annoys me is the lack of space to put things, the sizing and positioning of cupboards are very unoptimized for day-to-day life. For example... There is no drawer that's more than 10 inches wide for my cutlery tray -- because of that I'm going to have to buy a tiny drawer tray to put a few of my forks and knives into... but my cutlery tray will have to remain unused. And the washroom wasn't all too interesting, so no pictures, but it's physically located across from the kitchen (e.g. I was standing in the washroom when taking that picture).

Thoughts need to shift gears...

Last night I had the oddest two dreams. I dreamed about running into an old friend at a supermarket... It was pretty cool because... well... it was an old friend whom I've neglected for a good few years... Time to search for a way to contact. The second was a dream about a very close friend who tells me that they're now dating... Both very awesome and honestly, for a person who never remembers dreams, the dreams I remember must have some significant meaning right? :)

Another phase shift...

Work. Work sucks. Sometimes it's the little things that get to me. All I want is to do my job well and to be recognized for the hard work I put into it to make everyone happy. Sometimes I don't mind bending over backwards if it means that someone else's life would be simplified even though it affected mine. Too bad others don't show the same respect and decide to act like 12 year old kids when they need to deal with a problem at hand. Being annoyed with everyone I decided that it wasn't in my capacity to be acting in the PM role to make sure everyone agrees... I just put forth my concern and had someone else take the responsibility to gather consensus to changes we must make to benefit the company in general and not anyone's life in particular. Having said that, there have been recent thoughts again to interview at other companies just to see what I'm worth, not necessarily switching out of my role now, but at least I can see what's out there for me and at least have a goal to aim for... But that's later when I have more time... Now it's just too hectic (when is it not?).

..eyp; keeping my head above water...